One time many years ago, there was an idea to create something extraordinary. That is the moment the "baby story" project had begun. 

My name is Natallia, I was the first member of our beautiful team and the creator of all that has happened ever since. In the past eight years, this project has grown to be world renown with many winning awards and expositions. 

We have traveled the Europe with out exhibitions, we have been to Middle east, Russia, Belarus and many more places where "baby story" became a huge success. Now the project has a new chapter of its life. 

Our recent addition is named Tatiana. And life had giving us an opportunity to venture off to a beautiful Miami. We are both mothers of two lovable baby boys. We live, we laugh, we learn, we take pictures and create memories. 

Dont miss this opportunity to make your memories happen.

With all the love... Natallia and Tatiana...)))