What is the photosession like?

Everything depends on the kind of photsession you need to get: family, children, newborn etc. From that we need to determine the location of the shooting. This can be a studio,your house, children playground, city park, forest etc. Because,for example, Newborn photo sessions are more likely to be made at home, as mothers are rarely willing to take the baby out of the house by the age of 7 days)))…From 3 months to 1 year it's good to start shooting in the studio, as in opposite after the age of 2 children find their own room more safe and comfortable to meet some new people…But these details we usually discuss with you on the phone, email or in person as soon as we decide, what kind of photo session we are going to make. Conserning children or family photo sessions I can give a small advice to the parents: Please, let the children be as they are. Do not tell them, how to stay, what to do, which way to smile…Children can not pretend or play to be somebody…They have to feel free in doing what they want. So, if we see, that a child is getting shy in front of the parents, do not be surprised if we ask you to spend some time out getting some chocolate ice-cream at the nearest store…)))


When do we need to book a newborn photo session?

The little fingers and toes, the wispy hair, the new skin, and the belly button. Time flies zoo quickly… It is never too early to book a newborn session. Because your baby's birth date is unpredictableand we will reserve a time frame for you. If you are given an induction or c-section date, the actual session date can be booked in advance. If you are letting baby decide, we will mark your due date and expect a call from you as soon as baby arrives. We prefer to photograph little subjects around 7-8 days old. Babies older than two weeks of age tend to sleep less soundly and do not curl up as easily. Newborn acne and cholic may flare up at around 2 weeks of age, as well.

Where and how is the newborn photo session held?

Most newborn photo sessions are usually done in your flat or house. And we do not need much space for it. All the things and accessories we might need for the shooting we bring with us. Mostly we work with the natural light, so it is absolutely safe for the baby.All the things that we work with are sterile and clean. If in our gallery there is something very particular that you liked most of all, just us know - we will bring it with us)))

What to prepare for the shooting?

You do not have to prepare anything for the newborn and children photo sessions as we bring everything with us. Conserning the family shootings- the Simple is the best. It always looks good when the members of the family wear the clothes of the similar tones and colors (it unites you from the point of view of the family))), but usually we talk about the clothiers straight before the photo session depending on the wether and your taste.

Do I need a stylist for the shooting?

It depends on the photos we are making. Stylist - is person who prepares mommy's hair and face for the photosession. As for me, I do not recommend a stylist for the newborn shooting, as it is mostly devoted to the baby, but for the family one I prefer as there is a personal individual part for mother and father in this shooting…)))

What is the most interesting age of photographying children?

Though every age of the children is really amazing ,newborn photography is my' favorite. But there are certain steps in children's growing up, which are really remarkable. And every period has it's own features. For example, pregnancy photo sessions are best done on the 7-8th months, as it is still not really difficult for future mothers to sit and stand up, move and walk….Newborns are the only which "can not wait" =), as the are done up to 2 weeks. Next step could be around 3 months, when they are lying on the belly with their head up. Before that there will be only one good pose for the baby - lying on the back))) Later around 6-7 months when they are sitting, sucking their toes etc. Starting to walk and blossoming with personality around 1 year etc. And then you could make a photo session not more often then once a year mentioning the differences in your BABYSTORY….=*