1. Helena B.: Thank you, guys, for a wonderful team! The thing that you understand each other from half a word is extremely important, especially when you are working with children: in such a game every second worth a million)))

2. Julia K.:  Thank you for the beautiful family memories! We appreciate a lot your preparation for the shooting))) Thanks a lot to your art manager for the little tiny hats, knitwear and covers, which are specially made for every baby))) We know it very well as it's already the 2nd "New life story" in our Family=) We’ll try to keep on going!)))

3. Ann & Mikhail S.:  It's sooo important to find a couple hours  for the newborn photo session in the first 10-12 days of new life! Thanks a lot, that you've mentioned and captured the little features of our daughter in her first days! As we've been toooooo happy and toooooo excited for it))) It's the first time we became parents...=))))

4. Dmitri D.: I wanted to make a surprise for my wife and little daughter for 3 years being together))) That's what I liked most about Natallia and her team: that they do their job from the very beginning to the very-very end. They organized, made the photo session, delivered me everything home in meanwhile nicely packed and well printed! It was a beautiful surprise for our family anniversary!)))

5. Igor & Irina S.: Natallia and her team have become our family photographers))) We've first met with them when I was pregnant, then at the newborn photo session. A bit later when we could sit, then walk)))) And so on))) It's extremely amazing to see the way your child grows up! The photos show you everything step by step))) Right now our little princess id already asking us: "When will Natallia come ....?" Much love and Thank you!)))

6. Elisa K.: First I was a bit excited and worried to do the photo session of our little newborn angel....he seemed to be soooo small... But when I saw my baby melting in Natallia hands, I was almost crying from the emotions inside....so cute little poses... so much tender and patience... Thank you for our first model experience...

7. Tatiana P.: The way you make children and parents involved into the photo session as absolutely amazing! We did not even realize that it was some work))) It looked like a little game for all of us, especially for our 11 months daughter! She looked at you and followed every step you did))) And when we got the result it was unbelievable to guess, how could you see and feel our souls so deep! Thank you.

8. Victoria Y.: We loved-loved-loved being pregnant in front of the camera! It was an absolutely unexpected experience...when I really felt myself full of pride, tenderness and beauty ...And a little bit of excitement of becoming a mother...

9. Hristina C.: It was the first professional photo set in my life. I thought that a family shooting is more devoted to the children, but besides our little sun me and my husband were played so much attention! Thanks to your help and little advices in a couple minutes I started to feel myself a professional model! ( As professional mother, I have to know and be able to do everything!=)))WOW! It’s so pleasant to feel yourself young, beautiful and different from everyone! Thank you very much!

10. Maria M.: I saw the pictures with newborn babies, but we have had TWINS! I was really excited about it all…But somehow they managed to make them both happy and sleepy))) Now all the walls in our house are covered with the big pictures of the first days of our children))) And we are twice as happy with them! Thank you!

11. Jake D.: Thank you for you easy-going manner of working! Perfect mood, perfect English, perfect way of playing and understanding the children!